About Me

Your Personal Stylist In Los Angeles

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman or a man can wear!

I am a personal stylist with years of experience in the fashion industry, in both women and men’s apparel. I educate my clients on how to improve their fashion style to convey more self confidence in their every day life. I eat, breathe, live fashion! I can’t help but stay on top of the latest trends which in turn means I’m continually positioned to help you to do the same.
Are you looking for a better job, a new boyfriend, a new girlfriend, or maybe you just want to have more fun? You can use fashion to express yourself and I can help guide you to achieve your best look.

It’s all about attitude and a goal.

Most women and men are so busy running their lives, businesses and families, that they have little time for choosing the right wardrobe to suit their lifestyle. I can guide you to tailor your lifestyle and personal preferences with a budget that’s affordable.

Personalized service is what I offer to my clients as their personal stylist to make them feel special, excited and confident.  I am privileged to have the opportunity to shop on your behalf and work tirelessly until every clients needs and desires have been satisfied. Discover your personal style, update your wardrobe, transform the way you look and love the way you feel!

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